Democrats Rally Behind Biden After Debate, Reject Calls for Replacement

U.S. President Joe Biden takes a call as he walks from Marine One to Air Force One with first lady Jill Biden and granddaughters Natalie Biden and Finnegan Biden in Burlington County, New Jersey, U.S., REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz
Published July 1, 2024

Despite President Joe Biden’s shaky debate performance against Donald Trump, top Democrats are standing firmly behind their 81-year-old nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Party leaders are urging members to focus on the potential consequences of a second Trump presidency rather than considering a replacement candidate.

Polls shows increase in Democrats who believe Biden shouldn’t run

Following Thursday’s debate, concerns about Biden’s age and fitness for office intensified. A CBS poll revealed a 10% increase in Democrats who believe Biden shouldn’t be running, now at 46%. Some, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, have called for Biden to withdraw “for the good of the nation.”

However, prominent Democrats are pushing back against these suggestions. Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia dismissed the idea of replacing Biden, stating, “Bad debates happen.” House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries acknowledged the setback but framed it as “a setup for a comeback.”

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware emphasised Biden’s unique position to defeat Trump, calling him “the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump.” This sentiment echoes throughout the party leadership, who view Biden as crucial to preventing Trump’s return to office.



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Published June 30, 2024

Republican National Committee co-chairwoman Lara Trump argued that Democrats won’t be able to improve their odds at winning the presidential election, regardless of whether or not they keep President Joe Biden as their nominee.

The topic of replacing Biden as the Democrat Party’s 2024 presidential nominee has grown exponentially after the first presidential debate, which many argued saw Biden give a weak performance against former President Donald Trump. Regarding her father-in-law’s performance at the debate, Lara Trump argued that it was the best out of his political career, and that it solidified the decision among voters that they should vote for him over Biden.

“Donald Trump is the only way we get this country back, and I believe it doesn’t matter if it’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, or, quite frankly, anyone else they put in there,” Trump said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. “We had four years of Donald Trump. We know how secure our borders were. We know how much more money people had in their pockets, how much cheaper it was to go buy gas, how much safer we felt on the world stage when Donald Trump was there, and people want him back in office.”

Lara Trump also warned against Democrats replacing Biden with anyone other than Vice President Kamala Harris, arguing that she could not think of “a bigger assault to our democratic process.” Potential replacements for Biden that some have suggested include former First Lady Michelle Obama, Govs. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), and Gretchen Whitmer (MI).

The RNC co-chairwoman then discussed how fundraising has gone for the Republican Party in the wake of the debate, stating that it has raised more than $1 million a day since then. She argued that this is because voters realize that Trump was “the only leader” present on the debate stage.

In the wake of the debate, the former president made a campaign stop on Friday in Virginia, a state that has reliably gone to Democrats in the electoral college since 2008. The visit comes as many Republicans have indicated that Trump could flip Virginia this November, with polling data showing the former president hot on the heels of Biden in the state.



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Published June 30, 2024

Lara Trump was on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning to discuss President Trump’s debate performance.

“How is President Trump, your father-in-law doing, after that debate. What is the latest that you can share with us?” Bartiromo asked.

“He’s doing great, obviously, I think it was a unanimous win for him,” Lara Trump said.

“You don’t hear as much about what a great performance he himself actually had in that debate. Look, I think it was the best debate of his political career,” Lara Trump said.

“He obviously won that hands down and not just because Joe Biden was so far gone and so embarrassing, really to watch on the stage he really knew and understood what has to happen to bring this country back,” Lara Trump continued.





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