Dendron farm attack: Community to rally at Soekmekaar court, 7 Aug

Image: Magogong farm murderers appear in court – remanded in custody

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By South Africa Today

Farmers and the local community will rally at the Soekmekaar (Morebeng) court on 7 August 2020, in the Limpopo province, where the attackers, who were involved in the horrific farm attack of the Joubert family, on 5 August 2020, at 01:30, in Dendron, near Bandelierkop, in the Limpopo province of South Africa, will appear.

The couple, Chris and Leonise Joubert, were very severely assaulted and the wife was shot and then violently raped by the attackers. Chris was severely assaulted and left for dead. Their elderly mother (99) had a firearm shoved in her mouth.

One attacker was killed in a follow up operation and two arrested.

People who wish to attend are requested to where white T Shirts as a symbol of support for the family and to create awareness pertaining to these farm atrocities in South Africa.

The rally against farm attacks and farm murders will be as follows:

1) Dendron, Legkraal, Vivo, Waterpoort, Koedoesrand, Ellisras, Louis Trichardt and everyone North and West of Polokwane to gather at 08:00 at the Dendron/Soekmekaar crossing on the N1. From there everyone will leave together to Soekmekaar.

2) Polokwane and everyone South of Polokwane meet at 07:00 by Farmyard, next to Mall of the North and everyone leave together at 07:30 to Soekmekaar.


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