DeSantis ratchets up campaign to knock Trump off his conservative pedestal

by W. James Antle III, Politics Editor |

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is trying to do something no Republican has been able to do for the last seven years: pry the conservative base away from former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis did it discreetly in a rollout that included appearances with Elon Musk, Mark Levin, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), anti-critical race theory advocate Christopher Rufo, gun rights activist and commentator Dana Loesch, and former congressman turned Fox News host Trey Gowdy.

DeSantis announces 2024 presidential bid


But when pressed, DeSantis also distanced himself more forcefully from Trump.

It’s a balancing act the Florida governor will need to perfect if he is to dethrone Trump as leader of the party without alienating the base.

Trump went largely unmentioned during DeSantis’s Twitter Spaces campaign launch, though there was no question who influential conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace was talking about when he asked about unfinished business and unfulfilled promises.


DeSantis said Floridians “understand governing is not entertainment. It’s not about building a brand or virtue signaling. It’s about delivering results.” Compared to whom?

He said there would be “follow through” when it comes to reining in the federal government, adding, “I understand the different leverage points that you’d have under Article II” of the Constitution. Unlike whom?

Commitments to build the border wall in particular were “not a campaign slogan that you get in there and then forget about.”



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