DESTINATION: Armenian Food – 25 Traditional Foods You Simply Must Try


One of the most distinctive and historic cuisines in the world is Armenian. It offers a vast variety of flavorful foods that are prepared utilizing methods that date back thousands of years.

Take a closer look at 25 meals, appetizers, desserts, and beverages that will excite your palate as we go on a gastronomic tour of Armenia!

Armenian Food Introduction

The latest Forbes list of the “10 underestimated destinations to visit in 2020” included Armenia. Armenia’s unique cuisine will be more widely experienced as more people travel there.

Every recipe tells a story of ancient Armenia, demonstrating how talented Armenians were and still are at producing bread, kebabs, and other delectable dishes that call for sophisticated cooking methods.

Former Soviet Union member Armenia is a landlocked nation that shares borders with Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

Its cuisine uses locally grown fresh ingredients that produce a distinctive and unforgettable taste. It was influenced by traders and conquerors from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

You will observe the table laden with a wide array of vibrant dishes if you ever find yourself sharing a meal with an Armenian household.

These recipes frequently include grains, herbs, and vegetables (particularly eggplants).

Additionally, there is a surplus of meat, including lamb, beef, veal, and pork, thanks to the long history of cattle breeding in what is now modern Armenia.

Without Lavash, a wonderful flatbread that is one of the necessities, no dinner is ever complete!

Visit us today to sample the tastiest healthy foods you’ve ever had. Undoubtedly, dried fruit is a common cuisine in Armenia.

Delicious Armenian Foods To Try

Here are the 25 most famous Armenian foods and drinks passed down from generation to generation.

1 – Dolma

Dolma is a delectable Armenian dish made of seasoned rice and ground pork that is wrapped in vine or cabbage leaves.

As the leaves must first be thoroughly cooked and dried, patience is needed. Rice, onions, tomato paste, and beef mince make up the stuffing.

Fresh parsley, coriander, and dill are chopped and added for flavor.

The dolmas are rolled up and filled after the stuffing is kneaded (often done with hands to feel the texture), put in a skillet with some water, and cooked over a low flame.

They are frequently eaten with matsun, a yogurt made from fermented milk and garlic.

2 – Dabgadz Banir Boerag

A popular Armenian mezze, boerags are flaky puff pastries stuffed with a selection of cheeses.

Some people prefer homemade or store-bought puff pastry, while others cling to filo (phyllo) dough.

The latter is lighter and sharper whereas the former is softer and thicker. It is more fragile as well.

Small squares of dough are cut and filled with feta, kashkaval, ricotta, and egg. It is then baked or fried until it gets the right golden color!


3 – Topik

The best way to describe topik is as chickpea dumplings. It is one of Armenia’s gastronomic delicacies and has a rich, varied flavor.

With a touch of salt and sugar to balance the flavor, the dough is formed from cooked potatoes, chickpeas, and tahini.

There are various filling variations, as there are with most Armenian recipes.

Minced onions, dried blackcurrants, pine nuts, stirred tahini, cinnamon, sugar, salt, and crushed pimento make up the majority of the filling (allspice).

After being boiled and drained, the dumplings are prepared for serving cold or at room temperature.


4 – Lavash

It is recommended that you taste lavash, which is known as the king of Armenian breads.

It is the customary and indigenous flatbread. It is frequently served at Armenian dinner tables.

Despite the fact that lavash’s fundamental ingredients are just water and wheat flour, making it involves a lot of skill and work.

The dough is initially stretched over an oval cushion in thin layers. Then it is slapped against the tonir’s walls, a shallow, rounded pit in the ground used as an oven, where it bakes for less than a minute.

The foundation of Armenian cuisine is made up of these flatbreads. So many sides and meat fillings go well with them.


5 – Zhingyalov hats

A typical fried flatbread from Artsakh, which is situated southeast of the Armenian Highlands, is called a zhingyalov hat.

Seasonal greens including cilantro, parsley, spring onions, dill, spinach, lettuce, and beet tops are stuffed into the flour and sour cream dough.

Then, for about 5 minutes, it is fried till golden brown on both sides. In Armenia, zhingyalov is a delicious dish to enjoy from street vendors.


6 – Basturma

An air-dried cured beef product called basturma resembles bresaola from Italy. It is a well-liked treat, particularly with the Armenian diaspora.

Filets of beef or lamb, fenugreek powder (shaiman), allspice, cumin, turmeric, and red pepper are the key components.

It is typically purchased at establishments that sell basturma sandwiches on baguettes, frequently with pickles and onions.

Due of the drying process, making it at home will take more than two weeks. But the wait is well worth it for amazing Armenian meal.


7 – Harissa

Harissa is a traditional Armenian dish that stands in for the bravery of Armenians under Ottoman oppression.

It is a hearty dish made with peeled wheat and chicken or beef as the main elements.

It takes at least 4-5 hours to cook. This is due to the fact that the mixture is swirled until the wheat and chicken or other meat have completely dissolved.

When it reaches a thick, porridge-like consistency, it is served with melted butter on top. Everywhere in Armenia, people enjoy this comfort cuisine, which is absolutely excellent.

8 – Khash

A celebratory soup meal known as khash is cooked only in the winter. It is a stomach-soothing dish from Armenia.

The verb “khashel,” which means “to boil” in Armenian, is the source of the name itself.

This is due to the fact that its preparation calls for boiling various cow or sheep parts, including as the head, hooves, and stomach.

Unbelievably, breakfast is served with crumbled dried lavash in the soup!

Khash is a dish that is truly distinctive to Armenian culture and is highly recommended if you ever travel there.


9 – Manti

One Armenian meal that will keep you coming back for more is manti. It consists of teeny, tiny dough boats with meat within.

The key ingredients in the dough filling are ground lamb or beef, onion, and parsley.

The mantis is baked in the oven until it turns golden. The manti is then basted with a mixture of water, red pepper, and tomato paste.

The dish is then placed back into the oven to continue baking until the sauce has entirely absorbed. You are thus left with an abundance of delicious and textured Armenian food.

Yogurt and garlic are served with the dish. It is a delectable Armenian meal that you must taste.


10 – Lahmacun/Lahmajun

You must taste lahmajun, also known as lahmajoon, which is one of the nation’s favorite comfort dishes.

The dough base is often quite thin and rounded. On top, there is sautéed minced meat, peeled smashed tomatoes, finely chopped onions, and garlic.

The dough is then baked until the crust is crisp in the oven. Lemon and mint leaves are included with it, and both must be squeezed on top of the dough before eating.

This dish has amazing flavor because of the marriage of the crispy bread with the hot beef.


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