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Bhutanese food is un-like any other food you’ll ever eat.

Bhutan is a cultural nation with a long history of festivals dating back to the first century. With delectable dishes and cuisines, nations and customs are always more stunning. The celebration of the ceremonies always includes wonderful, delicious cuisine. One of the nations where festivals are observed with a variety of traditional and cultural foods is Bhutan. Bhutan always serves delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, whether it be for festivals or just regular meals, and the delighted Bhutanese take great pleasure in eating it.
Bhutanese chefs add extra chili throughout the cooking process since their people enjoy hot and spicy food. Different spices are mixed to create a more delectable flavor. This post is designed to provide you with some helpful tips regarding the best and most well-liked cuisine in Bhutan that you should try while there. The following is a list of some of the most well-liked Bhutanese foods:

Ema Datshi

the national dish of Bhutan, is a hot, spicy stew cooked with a lot of yak cheese and strong chilies. In practically every restaurant in Bhutan, Ema Datshi is a well-liked dish. The Bhutanese take great pleasure in include this dish in their meals. Ema means “Chili” and Datshi means “Cheese,” so Ema Datshi is a combination of Chilli and Cheese that also includes other delectable flavors like garlic, peppers, onions, oil, tomatoes, and more. Typically, Ema Datshi is eaten with red rice in Bhutan.

Kewa datshi

Bhutan offers Kewa Datshi, a vegetarian dish, but it doesn’t remember if you’re vegan. because Bhutan’s preferred Yak Cheese is used to fry the thin slice of Kewa (Potato). The primary ingredients are Kewa: potatoes, and Datshi: yak cheese, however peppers are frequently used.

Shamu datshi

Another cheesy dish that is popular across the nation is shamu datshi. This is yet another well-known and well-liked Bhutanese cuisine that has left many travelers salivating. Since we have discovered how extensively datshi is used in Bhutanese stews, it is no longer exclusive to us. In Bhutanese, a mushroom is called a shamu. Shamu Datshi is a soup made from yak cheese and mushrooms, along with some chile, salt, and other seasonings.

Shakam ema datshi

Cheese and chiles are used frequently in Bhutanese cuisine, as is already well known. Shakam Paa and Ema Datshi make for the ideal combination in Shakam Ema Datshi. To make it spicier, yak cheese and chiles are boiled with a tiny slice of dried beef letter preserved, about the size of a nibble.

Shakam paa

The most well-liked and delectable dish in Bhutan is called Shakam Paa. It is also the best source of protein because it contains a good amount of beef. The preserved dried beef, known as Yak, is cooked with cheese, chiles, and radish for flavor. The drying and preserving process turned the flesh a little rubbery, making it a little chewy.

Shakam shukam datshi

Shakam and Datshi are no longer unfamiliar to us because we already know that Shakam is Bhutanese people’s favorite meat and Datshi is their preferred yak cheese. The only difference between Shakam Shukam Datshi and Shakam Ema Datshi is that Shukam, or dried white chili, is used in place of Ema, or dried red chili. Everyone enjoys the dish at first bite thanks to the Shukam’s wonderful and delightfully distinct texture.

Phaksha paa

Along with beef and yak, pork is a favorite meat in Bhutan. The pig is prepared in the shape of stew or gravy together with various mountain veggies. To give Phaksha Paa more texture, the cook never forgets to add spicy chilies and spice.

Sikam paa

Sikam paa, which is similar to bacon, is a delicacy that many Bhutanese adore passionately. You may identify sikam by the strands of partially translucent pig belly that are drying in the sun. The pork, which has a very excellent fat ratio, is sun-dried. The dried pig belly is then fried with dried chilies to make sikam paa.

Yaksha shakam

Yaksha Shakam is another preferred type of meat in Bhutan, along with Shakam and Phaksha. Yaksha Shakam, which is yak meat that contains more protein than Shakam (beef), is utilized in place of Shakam. The various cooking techniques are used and then merged with the preferences of the Bhutanese people; the most well-known delicacy that is hard to get is yak cheese, also known as yaksha shakam. These wonderful foods are served in fewer establishments.


And wonderful recipe is slices of tripe stir-fried with dried chiles, green onions, and occasionally tiny veggies.


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