There are many sights to see and activities to enjoy in Kyrgyzstan. The landlocked nation of Central Asia is home to some of the most breathtaking horseback riding in the entire world.
Due to the country’s high altitude, the bulk of these paths are not accessible until the summer.
When deciding where to stay in Kyrgyzstan, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are a variety of locations from where you may explore the country’s nearby attractions.
While very simple, traveling through the eastern and western regions occasionally takes time. However, you may often use a marshrutka to go around.


1) Bishkek 

This is where many people enter Kyrgyzstan from Kazakhstan, either via Manas Airport or by land. Most people only stay in Bishkek for a brief period of time before rushing off to one of the country’s most breathtaking locations.
The lone city in Kyrgyzstan may not be the main draw for tourists, but there is still enough to keep you occupied for a few days. Take a leisurely stroll through Panfilov and Dubovy Parks in the afternoon.
Ala-Too Square, which is especially lovely at night, is the city’s center. The busiest part of the city, with many of eateries, bars, and stores to explore, lies to the west of the square.
Wander through the derelict circus to the north of Ala-Too for a rather eerie experience. Head down to Osh Bazaar to practice your haggling talents.
The food is one thing to take advantage of here. There are many unique food alternatives in Bishkek that cannot be found elsewhere in Kyrgyzstan.
Take advantage of the chance to try something different because, believe me, you will eat lots of shashlik, manti, plov, and lagman when visiting Kyrgyzstan (and Central Asia in general).
This is unquestionably one of the best spots to visit in Kyrgyzstan if you’re looking for some culinary variety.

2) Ala Archa

Just a short drive from Bishkek is the breathtaking Ala Aracha National Park. Ala Archa is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Kyrgyzstan’s famed alpine landscape if you’re only in the country for a short while.
Make sure you get off at the alplager, which is past the main gate, when getting a taxi up here.
There are a lot of hiking paths available, and the park itself has some lodging. The vast majority of individuals will travel there for a single day, though.

3) Burana Tower

The Bruana Tower is situated somewhere between Bishkek and the shore of Issyk Kul, sticking out of the field against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.
Kyrgyzstan lacks the same architectural marvels as its neighbors, Uzbekistan and China, due to its long history as a nomadic people.
The Burana Tower, on the other hand, is Kyrgyzstan’s homage to a long-gone, non-nomadic past.

4) Jyrgalan

Alesha and Jarryd are intimately familiar with the region of Jyrgalan in Kyrgyzstan. In reality, they collaborated with the Kyrgyz tourism authorities to plan a number of hiking trails in the region.
One of the top hiking locations in Kyrgyzstan is Jyrgalan, which is situated close to the border with Kazakhstan in the northeastern region of the country.

5) Karakol 

The most well-known town in Kyrgyzstan is likely Karakol. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan is Karakol, which is tucked away in the southeast corner of Issyk Kul. Karakol is an excellent place to base yourself for excursions into the wilderness.
This is a great location to take advantage of Kyrgyzstan’s breathtaking mountain environment if you intend to do trekking while you are there.
Most likely, you wouldn’t describe the place as being very lovely. However, the reason people travel there to see it is because of how beautiful the surrounding environs are.

6) Altyn Arashan 

Any travel to Kyrgyzstan is likely to include a stop in this region. As a result, the area’s hiking routes are well-marked and simple to navigate.
If you intend to travel up to the mountain passes, however, be sure to ask tour operators for their weather recommendations.
As you make your way down into the valley, Altyn Arashan itself is breathtaking, with picture-postcard views of the mountains. You can unwind and recover in the hot springs in the valley (do not take the word hot lightly here).


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