Dishonest Liberal Media Stoking Violent Riot Fires with Biased Reporting

Infowars reporter angered by the dishonest mainstream media’s anti-Trump propaganda.

The dishonest media is fueling the flames of discontent further dividing the country, a bystander chimes in showing his support for Infowars, Trump and shames CNN.



Soros Led Anti-Trump “Protest” Results in Death of Father of a 4 Year Old

This is a tragedy beyond words.

George Soros has already caused the death of the father of a 4 year old by funding and orchestrating events that block our critical infrastructure including roads to the hospital.

RedStateWatcher Reports

According to a first responder, his ambulance was was delayed for 45 minutes due to Anti-Trump protesters blocking the road. He wrote the following on his Facebook:


Will this make the paid protesters WAKE UP and at least “protest” where they are NOT blocking the roads? Given the total lack of moral compass from George Soros, we are not optimistic.



PURE EVIL : The Sinister Plan of George Soros to Destroy America

Breaking! Incorporating recent leaks and IRS documents, this short video best explains the dangerous agenda, strategy and tactics of the Soros network, in America. Stand with Christian patriots, for the world God so loves.

Produced by: the Awareness Project.





HALF Of Protesters Arrested In Anti-Trump Riots DIDN’T EVEN VOTE



75% Of Portland Anti-Trump Rioters Arrested All Missing ONE Damning Thing

75% Of Portland Anti-Trump Rioters Arrested All Missing ONE Damning Thing

Questionable reports of Trump-fueled violence proliferate on social media

As if the 2016 climate couldn’t get any more divisive, false or questionable reports of violence linked to Donald Trump’s victory have gained steady traction on social media since last week – complicating efforts to distinguish fact from fiction amid very real political unrest.

In one case, a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette claimed that two white men – one wearing a Trump hat – jumped out of a sedan, attacked her, and stole her hijab and her wallet. The unnamed woman also said the men knocked her to the ground and screamed racial slurs at her.

News of the attack quickly spread on social media, and soon some national media outlets including CNN began reporting it. The attack also was quickly condemned by the state branch of the American Civil Liberties Union. Ref.:

Trump’s Victory Averted World War III | Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux



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