Do People Have The Right To Reliable Information, Was 1936 The Warmest Year Ever Measured In The Era Of Modern Instruments?

Image: North America’s Most Intense Heat Wave: July and August 1936

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By R. J. L.

Looking at today’s global temperature (anomalies – they do not even inform us of the actual temperatures) graphs from NASA/NOAA shows how much they have messed up the data.


The agreement between the agencies only document collusion, remember, NASA doesn’t even agree with NASA from only a few years back.


It gets worse!



How The Climate Mafia Corrupted The Surface, Radiosonde And Now Satellite Data

By Tony Heller

This video shows how surface, balloon and now satellite temperatures have ben sequentially corrupted to comply with requirements of the global warming scam.

Note : There is an error in the Radiosonde graph. The tampering hasn’t been quite as bad as I represented. It is bad, but not quite that bad.



NASA Tampers With Iceland’s Data – Yet Again


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New Zealand


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A graph you’ll have a hard time finding in Google, don’t you wonder why?

US Warmspells


When all original and unaltered data shows the past was warmer and today’s CO2 level is around 411 ppmv.

So how can the temperature be presented like this:


Everywhere you look you’ll find that the past, especially the 30’s was warmer than today despite lack of human emissions of CO2. That warming resulted in a much higher CO2 content in the atmosphere than today because of outgassing from the oceans, which, of course also must have been warmer.

Also proxy data shows the same: 1875 coldest year in 10000 years and no warming for 58 years (2016)

It simply doesn’t add up!

The unaltered data overwhelmingly suggest the 30’s was warmer than today or any decade after the 30’s.

That should lead any fair minded person to the conclusion, CO2 is irrelevant for temperature!

What actual controls the temperature:

Solar activity has a direct impact on Earth’s cloud cover


Remember “end of snow“? – Never mind!


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