Doctor Urges Canadian Medical Association to Investigate the Unusual Death of 80 Young Doctors Since Vaccine Rollout – 800% Above Baseline/Expected Number

As time goes by, the death toll among Canada’s medical professionals rises.
Dr. William Makis MD, a physician and cancer researcher wrote a letter to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) on Saturday, requesting that they look into the sudden rise in mortality among Canadian medical professionals after the implementation of mandated vaccinations for medical personnel.
Nuclear medicine specialist Dr. Makis previously worked at Edmonton’s Cross Cancer Institute. In Edmonton, Alberta, at the Cross Cancer Institute, he oversaw the largest Nuclear Medicine Theranostics Lutetium-based (177Lu-DOTATATE) Cancer Treatment Program in North America, which was approved and funded by Health Canada and sponsored by the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services (AHS).
Dr. Makis is also the author of 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications.

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Makis emphasized the need for an investigation into the premature deaths of Canadian doctors following the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccination in the nation in a letter to the presidents of the CMA, Drs. Katherine Smart (2021–22) and Alika Lafontaine (2022-23).
“Our analysis shows Canadian doctor deaths under age 50 in 2022 will be 2-fold higher compared to 2019-2020. Shockingly, doctor deaths under age 40 are 5-fold higher, and doctor deaths under age 30 are 8-fold higher,” Makis said.
Makis claims that the CMA just sponsored the October 13–15, 2022, “2022 ICPH – International Conference on Physician Health.”

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COVID was when it all started falling apart.  It was the rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.  It was when the left came into its own and began to assert what may well become full and irrevocable tyranny.  You can’t have a thoughtful, rational discussion about what happened with people who believe you were participating in murder if you didn’t stay home, wear a mask, and stand six feet apart from everyone else on the planet.  Happy recollections of traveling elicit condemnation when everyone else was cowering in front of his Zoom cameras.  People were damaged by what happened but not in the way they imagine.

At this summit, CMA leaders had several different conversations.
“The one topic they DIDN’T discuss: young Canadian doctors dying suddenly and unexpectedly after COVID vaccine rollout,” he added.
Below is the copy of his letter:

According to Chris Martenson, PhD, “in 2022, the cohort of “under 30″ doctors have died at 800% of the baseline/expected number.”


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