Dominican Newspaper Bashes Trump – People Immediately Notice Something VERY STRANGE

Do you see anything wrong with the above picture? Apparently the editors of El Nacional, a Dominican newspaper, didn’t, and went ahead with publishing.

The title of the article reads “Trump says colonies of Israel do not favor peace,” and is adorned with photos of “President Donald Trump” and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Whether this mistake was intentional or accidental, Twitter users wasted no time in treating like an absolute joke.

In the last 8 years, we’ve seen a lot of things that are quite bizarre, almost to the point of disbelief. This, however, is something you would fully expect from The Onion.

I, for one, am sincerely hoping that this is a joke.

If it’s not, I can see CNN using it as a “verified source” in future reports.


Comment: White people all look the same ..

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C.E. Dyer reports an Emerson College poll recently revealed that despite the liberal mainstream media propaganda campaign, voters find the Trump administration more trustworthy than the news media.

The poll found:

A key finding of the poll shows that voters find the Trump administration to be more truthful than the news media. The Trump administration is considered truthful by 49% of voters, to 48% of voters who consider it untruthful. Meanwhile, the news media is considered untruthful by a 53%-majority of voters, to only 39% who find them truthful (a 14-point gap). Numerous members of the Trump administration – including Trump himself – have been criticized frequently for making false statements. The partisan split on this topic is clear – 89% of Republicans find the Trump administration truthful, versus 77% of Democrats who find the administration untruthful. Conversely, 69% of Democrats find the news media truthful, while a whopping 91% of Republicans consider them untruthful. Independents consider both untruthful – the Trump administration by a margin of 42%/52% and the news media by a margin of 45%/47%.

You’ve got to love how Emerson sticks in a jab at the Trump administration, but no jab a the liberal mainstream media that the people, according to their own poll, know is untrustworthy.

I guess in order to show their faces at cocktail parties they had to throw that in there to take the sting away from the truth…

The liberal mainstream media is most certainly going to become more and more unhinged as they see polls like this and other indications that they are losing their grip on the culture.

They no longer control the narrative in this country, and they can’t stand it.

The American people have begun to wake up to the truth about the liberal mainstream media. WikiLeaks confirmed that the MSM serves as a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, and Trump has shed a great deal of light on the fact that MSM outlets are biased purveyors of fake news.

Leftists don’t take losing very well, and their tired use of lies and smears to sell their radical agenda isn’t working like it used to.

So far they are simply doubling down on their failed agenda and tactics, and if that continues, it should be quite entertaining to watch the meltdown.


SAD: How Liberals Throw Away Their Principles When They Lose


C.E. Dyer reports that over 200 Leftist tools that took to the streets on Inauguration Day may face the music after reportedly getting indicted on felony rioting charges.

The Daily Wire reported:

NBC News has reported that 209 people have thus far been indicted over felony rioting charges, meaning they face a fine of up to $25,000 and a maximum of 10 years in prison.

The Washington Post reported that 230 people were arrested during President Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20, with several cases being subsequently dismissed.

As of last Saturday, federal investigators were still poring over hundreds of hours of video – some of it capture[d] by undercover Washington, D.C. police officers during the riots and protests – and still photos. Local officers wore body cameras while on duty at the riots and protests.

Defense attorneys for the accused have said that many of their clients are college students who live outside of the Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia [area].

This is what needs to happen to even begin to stop the anarchy, violence, and destruction fomented by the Left.

Right now, it’s likely that many Leftists feel like they are immune to the consequences of their actions as their ilk in the media have fanned the flames, called for military coups, and encouraged the rioting.

Once Leftists are forced out of their bubbles and into reality via consequences for their crimes, perhaps others will think twice about rioting.

That said, these rioters are often well-organized and likely funded by big Left-wing money, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that big money also went to the legal defense of these malcontents.

Still, it’s got to start somewhere and hopefully these rioters are brought to justice.



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