Donald Trump Again Denounces Political Violence After House Vote to Impeach Him

Image: Dem accuses congressional colleagues of giving rioters tours of U.S. Capitol

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Every rally President Trump has held has been peaceful, he has been consistent in condemning violence, he support the men in blue, law and order. On what planet is McCarthy on when he blames President Trump bears responsibility for the riot? A riot orchestrated by the Democrats, deep state, Antifa, BLM and helped, allegedly, by Democrats in the Capitol Building.

Again, this was a pre-planned operation to shift focus away from the election fraud, nothing else.

Ask yourself, who would find that useful and beneficial?

R. J. L.

By Charlie Spiering – Breitbart

President Donald Trump condemned political violence once more, in stronger terms, after the House of Representatives voted to impeach the president, urging his supporters not to engage in physical violence.

“There is never a justification for violence,” Trump said in a video released by the White House on YouTube. “No excuses. No exceptions. America is a nation of laws.”

The president spoke shortly after the House of Representatives voted to impeach him again, as Democrats blamed him for fueling the violent riots at the Capitol by rallying to contest the election with supporters in Washington, DC.

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From yesterday:

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Yeah, and finally, Beijing Joe didn’t win the election, President Trump did!



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President Trump Won!!

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