Don’t Believe the Dishonest Media and Polling Hype Trump has GOT THIS

There’s a lot of fear out there as we draw closer to the finish line.

Candidates, media, and pundits are talking about rigged elections and pointing to polls that over sample democrats to the point of absurdity, showing Hillary ahead.

They all say “Trump can’t win!”

Here’s the thing that you need to remember.

We’re in a unique situation in this country where 76% of Americans WANT CHANGE.

Our patriotism is low, our economy is on life support, the world thinks we’re a joke, and we’re being run by an out of touch and dangerous liberal machine that is about to launch us over the cliff.

This exact scenario has happened before.

It was 1980.

Our patriotism was low, our economy was on life support, the world thought we were a joke, and we were being led by an out of touch and dangerous liberal machine that was about to launch us over a cliff.

A populist candidate by the name of Ronald Reagan, who was hated by the GOP establishment, was speaking to THE PEOPLE and promising to save the country and fix the economy.

The media and the polls said he was DOOMED.

The American people, however, said otherwise.


I am not suggesting that there will be an electoral map blowout like what happened in 1980.

However, what I am saying is that like in 1980, the American people overwhelmingly want change.

There will always be a large base of people supporting Hillary.

But there’s an even larger base of people who realize we can’t afford another four years of failed liberal policies and a Supreme Court run by militant left-wingers.

Keep your head in the game and stop listening to the North Korea-style government-run media.

Never before in the history of our lives have we witnessed a media and polling firms team up to take down a candidate.

You know what that means, right?

We’re winning.

Because – you do not pump a dead man full of bullets.

Fight harder!




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