Dr. Nepute Was Absolutely Correct – New Study Confirms Vitamin D Provides Protection Against COVID Death

Dr. Eric Nepute is being sued by the Federal Government for promoting the use of Vitamin D against COVID-19.  A new study has found that he is absolutely correct.
We reported on Dr. Nepute’s suit with the federal government a week ago.  He is being sued for $40,000 per violation where Dr. Nepute told the world that they should take vitamin D and zinc to help them deal with COVID on any level.  Yes, that’s right, he told people to take vitamins and the government is suing him for doing so.  In total, the government is suing him for over 12 million instances where his advertisements were heard.

“I Humbly Risk It All Because I Know God Is In Control” – Dr. Eric Nepute Discusses Multi-Billion US Govt Case Against Him for Promoting Vitamins to Combat COVID

A recent study was produced where it concluded that Vitamin D does help against COVID.  It actually saves lives.
Dr. Alex Kennerly Vasquez reports on the miraculous healing power that Vitamin D has against COVID.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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