D’Souza: American Leftists Are Fascists Marching ‘Under the Banner of Anti-Fascism’

Image: Dinesh D’Souza Points out the Real Fascists in America

Conservative author argues obsession with political correctness mirrors Nazi thought conformity

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Despite the plethora of leftist boys and girls crying about fascist wolves in Republican clothing, it is the modern progressive movement and the Democratic Party that are the standard bearers of fascism in America today, according to Dinesh D’Souza.

In his new book, “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left,” the conservative author and filmmaker documents the fascist foundations of modern American leftism, and exposes the fundamental lie that asserts fascism is a right-wing phenomenon.

“Today fascism marches under the banner of anti-fascism,” D’Souza told LifeZette in an interview Friday.

Of course, it isn’t exactly difficult to notice parallels between the violent, anti-intellectual mobs wreaking havoc on college campuses and at political rallies across America and the historic violence of fascist thugs, he noted.

“The people who look like [Nazi] brownshirts, or Mussolini’s blackshirts, dress like them, carry weapons like them, have the same vicious intolerance about them, and use violence and intimidation to achieve their goals,” D’Souza continued. “Today those people pose as Antifa or anti-fascists. That’s extremely ironic.”

But the modern American Left’s fascist tendencies go far beyond its current penchant for street violence. Indeed there are three distinct ways in which the left reveals its fascist pedigree.

“The brownshirts on the street … [are] the most obvious and most people think that that’s the only analogy between the Left today and the fascists, but it’s actually not — it’s the least important of the three,” he said.

The second, explained D’Souza, is the modern Left’s attempt to impose uniformity of belief — and punish anyone guilty of thought crimes.

“The Nazis had a term called Gleichschaltung,” he said. The term translates roughly to synchronization, and was the process by which the Nazis aimed to Nazify all of German society.

“What the Nazis meant is, we’ve got to get the whole culture to be in sync with Nazi ideology. No one gets to march out of lockstep, and so now we need to mobilize the institutions of academia and the media and film and entertainment to all echo the same thing, and to punish dissenters,” D’Souza explained.

D’Souza’s definition of Gleichschaltung will be eerily familiar to most Americans today. “We have a name for Gleichschaltung in America — it’s called political correctness,” he said, “and that’s a more dangerous form of fascism than four guys at Berkeley overturning a car.”

The third obviously fascist feature of the modern American Left is the Democratic Party itself, D’Souza told LifeZette. “The Democratic Party today is the party that promotes the centralized state. The centralized state is the central meaning of fascism — that’s what fascism is ideologically.”

“The Nazis looked at this and they went,

‘That’s going too far’

— the Democrats were too racist for the Nazis.”

Also, “if you look at fascist economics, it is state-run capitalism,” he continued. “The private sector stays private, but the government tells it what to do. Obama never nationalized a single company. He hasn’t nationalized the auto companies, he hasn’t nationalized the hospitals, he didn’t nationalize the insurance companies — they’re still private but he told them what to do. The Democratic Party’s economics are more accurately described as fascist than socialist.”

Perhaps the biggest revelation for most readers of D’Souza’s new book will be that not only do the roots of the modern progressive movement lie in Nazism and fascism, but Nazism and fascism themselves had roots in American progressivism.

“The American Left drew ideas from Mussolini’s fascism, and to a lesser extent Hitler’s Nazism. Progressives were in bed with fascists in the 1930s,” he said. But “conversely, not only the fascists in Italy, but also the Nazis in Germany, developed some of their most horrific and genocidal schemes using blueprints created by the Democratic Party in America.”

D’Souza gave the example of the Nazi Nuremberg Laws, which restricted Jews’ civil rights and turned them into second-class citizens. They also outlawed intermarriage between ethnic Germans and Jews.

“The senior team of Nazis who got together in 1935 to draw up the Nuremberg laws … initially said to themselves, ‘we are creating the world’s first racial state, the world’s first state based on the idea of racial supremacy,'” he said.

“And then one of the senior Nazis who had actually studied in America told them, ‘Sorry, but the Democrats in the American South have gotten here first. They beat you to it. They already have a racial state, and they’re doing exactly the things that we want to do,'” D’Souza said.

“‘They’ve already outlawed intermarriage between blacks and whites, they already have state-sponsored discrimination, they have segregation,'” he continued. “So the Nazis were like, ‘This is incredible, and we just have to cross out the word “black” and write the word “jew,” and we’re home free.'”

Shockingly, in some cases the Nazis actually found American Democrats to be too extreme.

“The Nazis said one of the problems we’re having in drafting the Nuremberg Laws is to classify who is a jew, because there’s been a lot of intermarriage between the jews and the Christians over the years,” D’Souza said. “So then again, the Nazis decided, let’s look and see what the Americans do,” he continued.

“It was reported to the Nazis that the Americans had the one-drop rule — the one-drop rule basically said that if you had any amount of black blood that is noticeable, you’re black,” he explained. “And here’s where things get really interesting. The Nazis looked at this and they went, ‘That’s going too far.’ The Democrats were too racist for the Nazis.”

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