Edward Snowden Predicts Palm Trees In Moscow

Image: Western Hudson Bay Polar Bears Still On The Ice In Late June (Hudson Bay live temperature)

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Edward Snowden is dismissing snow for a warm welcome back in the good ol’ US of A?

But Man Made Global Warming is still as FAKE as everything else on the left no matter how much you lick the criminal “greens” backs..

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
Edward Snowden should be clever enough to recognize that climate propaganda is structured the same way and coming from the same people whom he has been fighting for the past eight years.

While some parts of the world is experiencing cold, other parts are experiencing both heat and droughts, droughts are especially terrible when hitting desert areas, ay? And why are there even a desert here?:

Visualizing US Droughts Over The Last 20 Years

June 17.: ABC News is promoting the false claim that human climate change is responsible for a “Mega-drought” affecting much of the Western United States. Although drought conditions have persisted for a couple of years now across portions of the Western United States, droughts in the dry West are common and research shows much larger, longer-term droughts have occurred there historically. Because current conditions are not outside the historic records of drought, there is no evidence human greenhouse gas emissions are contributing the current drought. Full article at Climate Realism

100% Data Tampering