Empirical Data Shows: There’s No Measurable Human Contribution To The CO2 Level

Image: The real climate change deniers

When empirical evidence shows humans do not control the CO2 level, there’s not even a tiny sign of any human influence in the data (video below), one would think the (Man Made) Global Warming, (Man Made) Climate Change “Green” activists crowd would come around and state the obvious, – “We have been wrong!” (what climaterealists has known for decades).

But they don’t, thereby finally proving (yet again?) for all of us to see, this has got nothing to do with science, logic, weather or CO2, – it’s not even about the climate ..

R. J. L.

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Weather or Not looks at Whether or not co2 has been falling during the shutdown

Video by Joe Bastardi

Is co2 falling during the shutdown, No, The facts expose that either climate alarmist don’t know or they do and are claiming the opposite


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