EPIC FAIL: Hispanic Voters Just Gave Liberals a MAJOR Shock With Trump’s Approval Rating

This also reveals how much power the MSM has lost. Thank God! for their low IQ. Let’s hope they don’t catch up on where the people actually get their information and their facts until after 2020 … Totally ruining the Nazi left would be a great thing. The FAKE media is vitally important for that purpose.

From TruthFeed

The lying fake news media and desperate Democrats have thrown everything they can at President Trump.

They’ve hurled the Deep State at him, fake Russia witch-hunt, called him a NAZI, racist, womanizer, uncaring, dumb, careless, dangerous…..They questioned his mental health, praised an aging, extortionist porn actress, and wrongfully accused Trump of hating immigrants, and “kidnapping” Hispanic kids at the border by “ripping them” from the arms of their mothers…

Yet, with all of that said (and more), President Trump’s approval rating with Hispanics is SOARING.

From IJR

While the Trump administration faced major backlash for its “zero-tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings, which separated families at the border, President Donald Trump’s approval rating among individuals who are Hispanic has risen nonetheless.

Some polls suggested the president took a hit for the policy, which he recently ended with an executive order, but according to The Hill, a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll revealed a hike of 2 percentage points from 45 percent last month to 47 percent — fueled in large part by voters who are Hispanic.

According to the poll, President Trump’s approval among those who are Hispanic rose a whopping 10 points since last month. What’s more is the poll surveyed people on June 24 and 25, after the family border separation controversy.

The numbers may come as a bit of a surprise after the Trump White House received widespread criticism for the policy, with protesters even confronting members of the administration in public.

Ref.: https://truthfeednews.com/epic-fail-hispanic-voters-just-gave-liberals-a-major-shock-with-trumps-approval-rating/


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