Even priests and nuns watch pornography, Pope says – and urges priests to delete adult apps

The Pope has said even priests and nuns give into temptation and watch online pornography.
Pope Francis made the comments after being asked how the new generation of priests and seminarians could responsibly use digital tools to spread a Christian message.
“It is a vice that has so many individuals, so many lay people, so many lay women, as well as priests and nuns,” Francis stated in response to a question at the Vatican.
He clarified that when he said “normal pornography,” he wasn’t just talking about “criminal pornography like that of child abuse.”
To avoid temptation, the Pope advised aspiring priests to remove any such websites from their phones.

The devil enters from there, weakening the priestly heart, Francis warned: “I tell you, it is something that weakens the soul. It weakens the soul.
When the Pope’s official Instagram account liked a provocative photo from Brazilian glamour girl Natalia Garibotto in 2020, it caused embarrassment for the Vatican.
Because of this, she claimed to have gotten 600,000 followers, and Vatican officials started looking into how it happened.
The Pope spoke generally about the digital age in his remarks on Monday, which were posted on the Vatican website.
He claimed that rather than being continuously diverted by things like news and music, individuals needed to “know how to use it wisely.”
Francis also disclosed that he received a mobile phone, the size of a shoe, upon becoming a bishop thirty years ago.
He claimed he only made one call, to his sister, and then returned it.


by: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter
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