EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump Officials Sound Alarm Over Biden Family’s National Security Risk

officials issued warnings over allegations that the Biden family funneled $10 million from foreign contacts while Joe Biden was vice president, telling the Daily Caller that the alleged money scheme could pose a “risk” for the U.S.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee released a report on May 10 alleging that the Bidens enriched themselves off of Romanian and Chinese assets through influence-peddling. The report includes bank records allegedly showing money transfers to nine different Biden family members through a chain of various LLCs. One corporation that allegedly delivered funds to Hunter Biden had ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Daily Caller News Foundation found.

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The investigation is continuing and the committee’s mission is to determine whether the alleged Biden family money trail poses a risk to national security.

Kash Patel, former chief of staff to the acting Secretary of Defense, told the Caller that “anyone doing business with the CCP is a national security risk on steroids.”

“The House Oversight Committee continues to uncover the crime of the century that is scandal in the Biden family Syndicate. [Ten million dollars] from foreign nationals are alleged to have gone to nine members of President Biden’s family. Hunter Biden is a recipient of these foreign funds and his alignment with foreign nationals should concern every American,” Patel continued.

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: bank statements, bank statements, bank statements. Follow the money and we will hold them accountable, since our two-tier system of justice won’t,” he added.



By: Miss Cherry May Timbol –Independent Reporter

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