EXCLUSIVE: Leaked tape reveals The Block ‘conwoman’ threatening to ‘burn the Ukrainian army to the ground’ and blackmailing a general with her supposed ‘insider knowledge’ of the conflict

Alleged The Block fraudster Emese Fajk, 30, is in Ukraine opposing the Russian invaders, even appearing in a promotional photo posing with an AR-15 assault rifle

  • Emese Fajk resurfaced in Ukrainian foreign legion opposing Russian invaders
  • She was accused of sending fake bank slips to The Block producer after auction
  • Fajk, 30, earlier adopted a new identity, moved to Portugal away from troubles
  • She joined to Ukraine Foreign Legion shortly after Russia’s invasion in 2022
  • Senior officers accuse her of stealing funds and supplies from the legion
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A ‘conwoman’ who emerged as a participant in the Ukraine war after fooling The Block has been caught on tape threatening to ‘burn the army to the ground’.

Emese Fajk, 30, fled Australia after allegedly using fake ANZ Bank slips to win the $4.2 million reality TV show auction in December 2020.

After allegedly ripping off her landlord and boyfriend on a Portuguese island in 2021, she popped up in July as communications director for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion with the callsign ‘Mockingjay’.

Senior officers have accused her of abusing her position for financial gain, including stealing a medical supply shipment, and potentially being a Russian spy.

The accusations are detailed in confidential dossiers prepared for Ukrainian Ground Forces Command by senior legion officers with substantial intelligence experience, and obtained by Daily Mail Australia.

Fajk survived multiple attempts to bring her down, allegedly by forcing top Ukrainian army brass to protect her by threatening to leak damaging information.

Secretly recorded audio caught Fajk bragging about blackmailing Ukrainian Army general Andriy Ordynovych, codenamed ‘Zeus’.

She is heard explaining how an order was given to kick her out of the legion after she went on an overseas trip without authorisation.

‘As it turned out, they wanted to deport me for desertion and [orders were given] to terminate my contract,’ she said.

‘My only luck was that before this I spoke to Zeus, and they couldn’t touch me. I told Zeus if I’m not coming back to this thing, I’m going to go public on everything I know and why I’m being removed.

‘I told him, it’s not a threat against you, it’s nothing personal against you, but I will go public. So I’ve been almost kicked out, people talking s**t has consequences.’

Later in the recorded conversation, the rogue legionnaire made her most chilling threats to seriously damage the legion in the middle of a war.

‘Zeus is not personally involved, he’s not dirty, he’s a super stand-up guy, but he understands that if I go out and I start talking about everything I know and everything I’ve seen in the army and how spineless people are, it’s going to burn the army to the ground,’ she said.

‘Like, imagine if the Kyiv Independent (newspaper) published an article on everything I know, everything I know would be very damaging for the army and for Ukraine if it became public knowledge.

‘The corruption, the s**t going missing, the treatment foreigners get… if I start talking about this the army is going to fall apart with all the internal investigations that [would] have to be started.’

After popping up as the Ukrainian foreign legion's communications director at a press conference in war-torn Kharkiv last year, fellow soldiers are now accusing her of running scams in the war effort

After popping up as the Ukrainian foreign legion’s communications director at a press conference in war-torn Kharkiv last year, fellow soldiers are now accusing her of running scams in the war effort

Fajk in a third conversation explained how her blackmail was able to get her unauthorised overseas trips retroactively approved by superiors.

She was accompanied on the jaunts to other parts of Eastern Europe by her then-boss and alleged co-conspirator Damien Magrou, who was later forced out of the legion over unrelated issues.

‘They also know that I have nothing to lose… if I don’t get a job ever again in my life I would just be bored,’ she said.

‘But it’s not like Damien when that article was coming out and we were trying to keep his name out of it because he was looking for a job and we don’t want him dragged into this, I’m not in that position.’

Fajk then discussed a scheme she was pushing to be transferred from the legion’s main 1st Battalion to the 4th Battalion, which only exists on paper.

Leaving the 1st Battalion would allow her to stay in her position without answering to her current battalion commander or anyone under him.

‘All I f**king want – and Zeus knows this, and Zeus also knows that SBU shanked me up and down, inside out – is being transferred to 4th Battalion,’ she said.

SBU is Ukraine’s intelligence agency, which previously investigated Fajk in the early days of the war, and is now looking into the more recent allegations against her.

One senior officer warned in a report to top commanders that the information she threatened to leak would be ‘catastrophically bad geopolitically’ if it was made public and ‘a huge propaganda victory to the enemy’.

Fajk repeated her threats in another recorded conversation with the same legion staffer in their office in Kyiv.

‘Did you just say you were going to throw Igor and Grinch under the bus and the 1st Battalion? And how are you hoping to throw under the bus a lieutenant-colonel and a whole Battalion?’ she was asked.

Fajk simply replied: ‘Watch me.’

She claimed herself and Mr Magrou got the previous 1st Battalion commander removed from his position in just two days, so it wouldn’t be difficult to repeat the feat if necessary.

Fajk claimed an unflattering video of the previous commander she and Mr Magrou leaked to a newspaper was the cause of his removal.

However, multiple senior officers told Daily Mail Australia the video had little to do with the battalion commander’s removal.

Instead it was a long campaign by Mr Magrou through backchannels, and only succeeded in reassigning him to commander of 3rd Battalion – a special forces unit to which he was far better suited.

‘She is saying that she and Damien were so powerful they got a colonel relieved of his command, and are willing to tear down the legion and the Ukrainian army if she is fired from her job,’ one of them explained.

‘But the key factor was Damien’s friend in [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy’s office. He provided all the political cover Damien needed.

‘He succeeded in only moving [the battalion commander] to his best level of competency.’

The officer said removing him was part of a larger attempt at consolidation of power by Mr Magrou that never came to fruition.

Fajk in a fifth recording addressed allegations by fellow legionnaires that she stole money from fundraising organisations set up to receive donations.

Reports by senior officers accused her of ‘financial crimes’ where ‘large amounts of additional donations made to the legion intended for the soldiers serving therein which were confiscated by Mockingjay and sent to places unknown’.

‘Money, like real money, and supplies never went through this office until now, so him claiming I’m in a position to steal shit is bats**t crazy,’ she said.

‘The issue they have is Damien and I always demanding transparency and accountability, and that’s not me having full control.’

Fajk vented about those making the allegations against her, claiming they would be better off simply proving she was not needed, if they could.

‘Honestly I would like people to come and talk to me before they go behind my back and have my head on the chopping block,’ she said.

‘Instead of getting leverage by getting the job done and saying “you don’t need Mockingjay, we can get everything done” they just talk bulls**t about me all the time. Like, f**k off.’

Fajk issued a statement on Instagram complaining about media coverage of the reports by senior officers.

‘I have, directly and indirectly, been in the way of people who have tried to exploit the legion, and their time in the legion for their own gain and reputation,’ she claimed.

‘These very same people are the sources of these baseless allegations and attacks that I have been a victim of for several months.’

Fajk denied the allegation she stole a multimillion-dollar shipment of medical supplies and angrily rejected concerns she could be working with the Russians.

‘To accuse me of working with the enemy after more time spent serving in Ukraine than those making these allegations, is not only laughable but downright disgusting,’ she wrote.

She also claimed Ukraine’s army and intelligence agencies assured her she wasn’t under any scrutiny.

However, Daily Mail Australia confirmed she is under investigation by SBU for allegedly stealing legion funds and possible links to Russian intelligence.

Fajk in an earlier statement to Daily Mail Australia claimed she was yet to see any evidence backing up the allegations against her, calling them a ‘smear campaign’, but did not comment on individual claims.

‘Anyone can write so-called reports, but these reports would need to be backed up with evidence,’ she said.

‘These allegations are made by people who for one reason or another have their own agenda. If anyone has any valid claims or concerns that they can back up with actual evidence, they can contact the relevant law enforcement authorities.

‘I will be more than happy to work with any authorities conducting any official investigations. Otherwise, this is hearsay and nothing but a smear campaign.’

One report accuses Fajk of being behind the disappearance of a US$2.5 million (AU$3.67 million) shipment of medical supplies and syphoning off donations intended for the war effort.

‘The author of this report is aware of a massive shipment of medication delivered by one of his assets to Kyiv for distribution to the 1st and 3rd Battalion,’ it read.


The Block ‘conwoman’ Emese Fajk on tape blackmailing Ukraine general | Daily Mail Online


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