EXCLUSIVE — Super PAC Airing Anti-Hillary Clinton Ad: ‘Take a Stand Against the Media Bosses and The Queen of Corruption’

The newly-launched America Is Worth It Super PAC is running an anti-Hillary Clinton video and TV spot called “Take a Stand Against the Media Bosses and the Queen of Corruption” about the stories Americans are being fed.

The ad also says crooked media heads have perverted journalism by covering up for and anointing “their chosen candidate.”

“Without the media, Clinton wouldn’t have a chance,” states the ad. “End the media’s corrupt collusion with extremist liberals who silence dissent and persecute religious believers.” The TV spot also accuses Clinton of promoting federal war on police officers, Catholics and Scriptural Christians, the U.S. military, and small businesses, among other things. 

America Is Worth It spokesman George Landrith, who also serves as the president ofFrontiers of Freedom, said, “this spot not only shows voters the Clinton corruption scandals — from the emails to ‘pay to play’ at the State Department to the attempts to obstruct justice and destroy evidence – but the largest issue of all –the corruption of American journalism and the media bosses who are covering up for her.”

He added that this TV spot will give Americans a chance to strike back at the corrupt liberal media bosses.

The ad also suggests that in this war being waged by media bosses against America and its citizens, media bosses are hiding behind the on-camera talent and their reporters. The ad, rather than placing the blame on the talent, explains how these media bosses are driving out the good, objective reporters, only to replace them with people who are like themselves or individuals with little to no journalistic experience and who can be turned into their puppets.

Three specific examples the ad shows about media bosses suppressing reporters include how the New York Times literally yanked and rewrote a piece about an IRS scandal that made the Obama administration look bad; NBC’s thwarting of veteran investigative reporter Lisa Meyers when she tried to expose the unsavory truth about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare); and CBS shutting down Sharyl Attkinsson for her attempt to expose the Benghazi scandal which resulted in the loss of four American lives, including that of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. Attkisson resigned soon after.

The ad also seems to fit into the series of WikiLeaks exposures and mainstream media’s conscious decision to provide little to no coverage of leaked, hacked emails showing extensive corruption in the Democratic Party in addition to the the Clinton camp’s collusion with the media.

During a Donald Trump rally in Tampa, Florida on Monday, Trump supporters started shouting at CNN reporter Jim Acosta, telling him “you suck!.. You lie and you lie and you lie! I am so sick of your lies.” More .. 



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