EXPOSED: China’s Cruelty

The United Nations human rights office has released a report that exposes Beijing’s systematic persecution of the Uyghurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang and sheds light on one of the most serious human rights crises of our time after nearly four years of investigations and intermittent negotiations with a recalcitrant Chinese government.

That was the main point of a 48-page report from the U.N. agency. high commissioner for human rights, released on August 31 following a failed attempt by Beijing to block its release. According to the report’s conclusion, the pervasive abuse of human rights by Chinese authorities toward Uyghurs and other groups “may constitute international crimes, in particular crimes against humanity.”
Years of accusations of widespread arbitrary arrest, invasive monitoring, torture, forced labor, and other crimes against Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang have been unequivocally rejected by Chinese officials. The happiest Muslims in the world really reside in Xinjiang, according to a Chinese official who made the statement in 2017.

However, former U.N. The report of High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet paints a different picture. It presents shocking instances of human rights violations in the hopes that additional governments will join those calling on Beijing to stop the violations.
The research details the appalling conditions of incarceration, which are anything but voluntary, at China’s “vocational education and training institutions.” Detainees experience sexual assault, forced family separation, and a shortage of food. They are made to perform forced labor. Additionally, the U.N. Credible charges of “coercive execution of family planning regulations” had been made to investigators.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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