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Image: An Australian Teachers’ Guide To Indoctrinating The Young

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NASA Satellites See Upper Atmosphere Cooling and Contracting Due to Climate Change (they mean Man Made Global Warming). Earth’s cryosphere shrinking by 87,000 square kilometers per year because the earth is warming, yeah, because of Man Made Global Warming. Western Australia shivers through one of its Coldest starts to Winter on record, but the earth is still getting warmer due to Man Made Global Warming.

Rare Summer Cold Front Means a Chilly Fourth of July for Texas, as Latest USDA Crop Figures sound the Alarm Bells and see prices “Explode Higher” – but the earth is still getting warmer due to Man Made Global Warming (btw. they now call it “Climate Emergency”).

Santa Catarina, Brazil logs its third consecutive day of rare Snow and sub-zero Cold – but the earth is still getting warmer due to Man Made Global Warming.

… because cold is warm – Welcome to the alternative reality of the low IQ., “green” criminal left!

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Video: Tony Heller

Democrats don’t care about the environment, and the climate nonsense is only used because it enable them to create schemes, tools to control people at the same time as it is very lucrative (crony capitalism, corruption and kick backs) for them directly and indirectly, for their friends, families and donors.:

It’s okay for conservatives to care about the environment

When a naturally occurring deadly heat wave is being used as an excuse for making fossil fuels less available/affordable they are clearing the ground for even worse consequences of future heat waves:

Deadly heat wave overwhelms hospitals in Northwest

US Heatwave Hype Forgets 1930s: ‘Heatwaves in the US used to be far, far worse in the past’

171 Scientists: CO2 Budget Of Electric Mobility “Twice As Big As Assumed” By European Leaders

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