“Experts say climate change could be to blame”

Image: Climate indoctrination delivering dividends for those who would end what makes America great

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Follow the record temperature in the Pacific Northwest, not caused by man – tomorrow here … (live). The only thing that is certain about the heatwave and possible record temperature tomorrow is, it is not caused by humans, but claiming it is will make it easier to rise taxes, i.e. emptying your wallet, and you will do absolutely nothing about it. After all, who are you to be questioning the science and their expert!?

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
The fake reporters at ABC news are again reporting fake science from their fake experts. Toto sets the record straight about heatwaves..


The Temperature of the Whole and the Parts

Heatwaves will kill millions by the end of the decade if the “Green” criminals are successful in limiting people’s access to energy, – like limiting access to energy also will cause people to freeze to death:

UN Warns Heatwaves Will Kill Millions By End Of Decade

A global context for Man-made Climate Concerns

100% Data Tampering