“Exposing Children to Sexually Explicit Activity is a Crime” – Florida Investigating “Drag Queen Christmas” Show Marketed to Children

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation announced on Tuesday they are investigating the “Drag Queen Christmas” all-ages drag show which took place on Monday.
“Exposing children to sexually explicit activity is a crime in Florida, and such action violates the Department’s licensing standards for operating a business and holding a liquor license,” the department said.
Officials will be looking through video and photos of the ‘all ages Christmas drag queen’ show in Fort Lauderdale.

The same group of child groomers performed in Austin, Texas last week.
Independent journalist Tayler Hansen appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last week to discuss the sick drag show and his recent suspension on Twitter.
Tayler, who has taken a lot of heat over his reporting, told Tucker, “If Dragphobia means that I am against full-grown men dressed as women sexually dancing and committing lewd acts in front of minors intentionally, then you can consider me ‘dragphobic’ to say the least.”
And Tayler also pointed out to Tucker Carlson that he did not see many fathers there, “I’m glad you mentioned the dads, Tucker. There actually is a common reoccurrence is there are no dads there 99% of the time. A lot of the people who bring these kids to the show are single mothers who happen to be obese. I don’t know if there is a pattern there, or what?”


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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