Families Protest Outside Home Of ‘Da Vinci’ Rapist And Demand He Is Moved From Their Neighbourhood

Furious families protest outside ‘Da Vinci Code’ rapist’s home demanding he be moved from their neighborhood – 17 years after he brutally raped teenage girl at church featured in Dan Brown’s novel

  • Furious Scottish families protest outside ‘Da Vinci rapist’ home
  • Robert Greens raped and beat Dutch student near Rosslyn Chapel
  • The chapel in Midlothian features in Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code
  • Green was imprisoned for 10 years – but was rehoused by families after his release
Families from Scotland who were outraged that one of Britain’s most dangerous sex offenders, known as the “Da Vinci rapist,” was given a property in their close-knit community, protested outside of the residence.
Near Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, which appears in Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code, Robert Greens, 44, viciously beat and raped a Dutch student in 2005. Greens’ injuries were so severe that medical professionals initially thought they were the result of a vehicle accident.
Greens was sentenced to ten years in prison for the frightening incident in which the 19-year-old victim was held at knifepoint.
The rapist, who residents say has a significant danger of reoffending, is now living among a neighborhood of families.
Last week, the neighborhood learned about his new location, and since then, multiple protests have been held in front of the house.
Last night, neighbors chanted, “Robert Greens, sex offender,” “we shall not be moved,” and “what do we want?” while singing songs. Rob Green is no more. How soon do we need it? Before nailing a sign that reads “rapist scum go out” to the monster’s front door, say “now.”

Robert Greens brutally raped and beat a Dutch student near Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, which features in Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code, in 2005 – suffering such horrific injuries that medics initially believed that they had been caused by a car crash

Tim Fitchett, a father of two, stated: “There was a good turnout of maybe 20 or 30 individuals. Although this is a peaceful protest, the police showed up to make sure there was no public disorder. Not just at Danderhall, but throughout Midlothian, we have very severe reservations about his presence.
We won’t give up until he is removed from Midlothian, we promise. That he has been put in this situation is abhorrent.
“This man has been found guilty of what the judge who handed down the punishment called “the greatest sex offense that has been brought before court in Scottish history.” If that is the case, then anyone with a modicum of common sense would see that perhaps he shouldn’t be sent back to a location where he has lived and is familiar with.

Protestors stick a sign saying ‘Rapist Scum, Get Oot’ on the door of the convicted rapist

‘We have got serious concerns about what could potentially happen to someone in our community.’
The words “go out beast” were scrawled on Greens’ door, and Scots mother Daniella Quin said yesterday that she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own home and was compelled to barricade a window after Greens was lodged above her.
Mr Fitchett said: ‘The experts have said he is a high risk to reoffend. There are care workers in this area that are refusing to work at certain times of the evening because they don’t feel safe. There is the woman living down below him that is absolutely petrified.’

The victim was held at knifepoint during the attack, which saw Greens jailed for 10 years

He added: ‘We just want to make it very clear that if there has been any vandalism or anything thrown, it has not been done by anyone related to this protest group. We are not thugs. We are all very peaceful people and this is a peaceful protest. We are just here singing songs, nothing violent. We have made it very clear to the police that we are here for the long haul and we will continue to come down here until he is moved. We are going to make sure our voice is heard and we will be down here every single day.
‘We are trying to get as many people involved in this as we can just now. The only way this is going to get resolved is by the council approaching us and getting round the table with us and asking what our concerns are.’
Greens completed two-thirds of his term before being released from prison in 2012. He was sent back to jail the following year for violating one of the terms of his release by going to the hometown of his ex-wife.
In 2017, he was once more set free, but following another infraction, he was brought back to jail.
The anti-Robert Greens protest group organizes rallies on Facebook and TikTok under the name “Remove Robert Greens from Danderhall.”
‘Police were made aware of a gathering outside a residence in Neatoune Court, Danderhall, approximately 6.30 pm on Tuesday, October 11’, according to a Police Scotland spokesperson. There are police present.
The Midlothian Council declined to comment on specific situations, according to a spokesman. Since public safety is of the utmost importance, we cooperate with our partners as necessary to make sure that there are reliable systems and procedures in place.


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