Image: Scott Morrison declares victory in tight Australia election

Very positive for Australia, if correct it might also be positive for other reasons. This might turn out to prove that the mainstream media has finally lost and can no longer control the narrative of climate gloom and doom.

The bullies and trolls in the comment sections has also lost. Their relentless littering of nonsense, smear and name calling hasn’t worked. Real science seems to be the biggest winner.

By Simon – Australia Climate Madness

I got drunk twice on Saturday night, firstly between 6 and 8pm when I was drowning my sorrows at the thought of a Shorten government, then secondly when I got home and realised the Coalition had pulled off the most amazing election turnaround in recent Australian history.

So I had a double hangover on Sunday, but boy was it worth it. Australia has once again escaped the grasp of Labor’s increasingly extreme Green/Left agenda, and most importantly has dodged the bullet of economy-wrecking “climate action”.

With Turnbull and all the other lefty bed-wetters (Pyne I’m looking at you) gone from the Coalition benches, there may be hopes of a genuine conservative government – low taxing, small footprint, pro-individual, pro-business etc etc – and with none of that mad climate action that readers of this blog know full well is POINTLESS.

Happy days!



President Trump Won!!

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