Fear-Mongering Over the Delta Outbreak is Overriding Common Sense on Early Treatment

By Dr. Peter McCullough – America Out Loud

This interview with Dr. Peter McCullough and former White House Advisor Dr. Sebastian Gorka cuts through the misinformation and gives many practical points about how only symptomatic kids and adults spread COVID-19 making school and work policies about staying home or going home when sick far more important than having well people wear masks.

Since the vaccines are failing and many vaccinated are getting COVID-19, there is a renewed call for early multidrug treatment leading off with the EUA monoclonal antibodies for high-risk seniors. Since these are concealed by stakeholders, seniors and their families must call their local hospitals and demand treatment. All the acutely ill COVID-19 persons now should understand, it’s too late for masks and vaccines. It’s time to seek and demand early treatment for COVID-19 including the Delta Variant.

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