Fed Up Austria is Giving Migrants the BOOT

Ironically, Austria was one of the first “REFUGEES WELCOME” countries.

Austria was anxious and excited to welcome Muslim refugees into their country and be the shining example of “multiculturalism” to the rest of the world.

However, now that reality has set in, complete with crime, violence, rape, and refusal to assimilate, Austrians are equally anxious to give troublesome migrants the BOOT.

From Breitbart

Parliament is set to pass a law stripping pocket money, food and shelter from those denied asylum, potentially leaving them on the street. The interior minister proudly touts figures showing Austria as the European Union’s per-capita leader in expelling those rejected.

Austrian courts are toughening up too. On Thursday, eight Iraqi men were sent to prison for up to 13 years for the gang rape of a German woman on New Year’s Eve more than a year ago.

In Germany, where during the height of the influx Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted “we will manage,” the government now considers some areas of Afghanistan “safe,” and has started returning failed asylum-seekers to those regions. Additional tough measures have followed Berlin’s deadly Christmas market attack by rejected Tunisian asylum-seeker Anis Amri and gains by the nationalist Alternative for Germany party.

The pro-migrant attitudes that once led thousands of Austrian volunteers to turn out with food, shelter and advice to the first asylum-seekers are still heard some places, but they appear outnumbered.

“We have to keep welcoming those who have nowhere else to go,” said Marlis Bosch. “We in Austria have more than enough to share.”

A survey of 10 EU member countries last month showed 65 percent of the 1,000 Austrian respondents favored stopping all immigration from Muslim nations. Only Poles scored higher — at 71 percent — on Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs survey. But anti-migrant sentiment in Poland has been fueled by the government. Not so in Austria.

The Austrian government plans to stop all support for those whose asylum requests have been rejected — including meals, shelter and a monthly allowance of 40 euros (about $40). If Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka has his way, those refusing to leave will also pay high fines and end up in compounds until they are forcibly deported.

Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/fed-up-austria-is-giving-migrants-the-boot/55247/



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