First images of US-led strikes on Damascus emerge

Twitter screenshot from video showing Damascus skyline on April, 14

The first videos and photos have emerged on social media showing what appear to be the strikes by the US, the UK and French militaries in the Syrian capital.

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Explosions rock east Damascus after Trump announces Syria strikes

Explosions rock east Damascus after Trump announces Syria strikes

Screenshot of video showing strikes at Damascus
A series of explosions have been seen in Damascus, Reuters reported, citing their own witnesses.

Images have started to emerge on social media, apparently showing Syrian air defense systems responding to incoming strikes.

According to reports, the US-led attacks hit a research facility located in the capital’s Barzeh District. Syrian state media said that the air strikes targeted Damascus and surrounding areas.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford said the US strikes targeted a research facility, as well as a “chemical weapons storage facility” near Homs. He said the naval and air forces were involved in the strikes, but would not elaborate “for reasons of operational security.”

The UK defense ministry said that they used Storm Shadow missiles to target a Syrian military facility located approximately 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of Homs, claiming that the site holds chemical weapon “precursors.”

Syria’s air defenses have shot down 13 missiles in the Kiswah area south of Damascus, SANA state television reported.

The United States is using Tomahawk cruise missiles to attack multiple targets inside Syria, a US official told Reuters on Friday. The official did not disclose whether US warplanes were also involved in the strikes.

Last April, US President Donald Trump fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at Al Shayrat airfield in Syria, in response to an alleged chemical attack in Idlib province.


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