First pictures and video of the largest methane fountain so far discovered in the Arctic Ocean

Bubbling water of the East Siberia Sea. Picture: Tomsk Polytechnic University

No, this is not caused by “Global Warming” and even less by (Man Made) Global Warming (AGW) simply because there’s no warming, not natural and not man-made!

By The Siberian Times 

Subsea permafrost thaws faster than previously thought, Russian scientists say.

Unexpectedly high level of subsea permafrost degradation was recorded by a Russian-led scientific expedition that spent more than a month in the seas of the eastern Arctic.

A record high methane gas emission in a shape of an underwater ‘fountain’ was registered at the beginning of October east of Bennett island in the East Siberian Sea.

‘It was a needle in a haystack chase, to find an exact place of a methane seep in dark sea waters, but we found it!

‘Just right off the Academician Keldysh scientists noticed a spot of emerald-coloured water, with gas rushing to surface in thousands of bubble threads’, said expedition member Sergey Nikiforov, a communications experts of the Tomsk Politechnical University.

The area of the fountain covered about five metres, with water ‘so violently boiling with methane bubbles’ that scientists skipped using plastic cones for sampling and instead collected the gas in buckets.

‘This was the most powerful seep I have ever observed. No one has ever recorded anything similar’ said head of the expedition Igor Semiletov, who has participated in 45 Arctic expeditions.

World’s largest fountain of methane found in the Arctic ocean



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