Flag raisings and burnings in Taiwan as some mark China’s national day

On Saturday, two small Taiwanese groups that are on opposite sides of the argument about how to relate to Beijing celebrated China’s national day in radically different ways. This came at a time when tensions were growing. across the Taiwan Strait . Mao Zedong declared the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949. The defeated ROC government fled to Taiwan later that year, where it is still present today but does not recognize the PRC.

In democratically-run Taiwan, which commemorates the founding of the Republic of China on October 1 as its national day, China’s national day is not officially observed in any form. 10

However, a few tiny groups in Taiwan observe China’s national day, either with pride at their Chinese heritage or in rage at Beijing’s threats against the territory, particularly after China held war drills close to Taiwan in August.

The Taiwan Individuals’s Communist Party assembled 200 people, largely elderly, in a rural area of southern Tainan to sing the Chinese national song and raise the Chinese flag in what the party referred to in a press release as “a holy part of China.” territories”.

China is not a threat, according to Lin Te-wang, the chairman of the party that is extremely fringe and has no elected officials, despite recent military games that were denounced by all major parties in Taiwan.

The majesty of China’s military might is demonstrated by the exercises, which Lin, 67, said is beneficial for Taiwan.

Aboard the other extreme, a Chinese flag was burned on a ship by Taiwan’s pro-independence State Building Party on Saturday off Taiwan’s southern shore in an area of the sea where China conducted its maneuvers. August, with people yelling things like “defend Taiwan or die.”

Burning the flag was not a provocative act, Party Chairman Chen Yi-chi told Reuters while traveling by ship over the Taiwan Strait.

“How can burning the flag be extreme? If you want to show your resistance to defending Taiwan now, if burning the flag is extreme, what will you do when the artillery fire comes?”

After he was defeated in a recall election, the party last year lost its sole representative in parliament.

Despite significant protests from the Taipei administration, which maintains that Beijing has no right to claim Taiwan or speak for the Taiwanese people, China views Taiwan as a part of the People’s Republic.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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