FLASHBACK : FBI Clears Flynn of any Wrongdoing

Looks like the Russian WITCH HUNTS are coming to an end.

On the eve of disgraced FBI director James Comey testifying before Congress, he released a detailed statement cleaning President Trump of the FALSE accusations that he “obstructed justice” by asking Comey to halt the investigation into General Michael Flynn.

At the center of Flynn’s investigation was a December phone call between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador.

Lets not forget, after an intense investigation, General Flynn has been cleared of wrongdoing in that instance.

From Daily Mail

The FBI looked into conversations between Mike Flynn, national security adviser to Donald Trump, and Russia’s ambassador to the United States in December and found no improper activity.

U.S. officials told the Washington Post that the calls were monitored as part of routine surveillance on Russian officials that had nothing to do with Flynn.

Flynn, a retired three-star general who once sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner celebrating the Kremlin-operated RT news channel that he was paid to attend, was said to have been under investigation for the communications.

Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/breaking-fbi-clears-flynn-of-any-wrongdoing/79639/#comment-101636


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