For the left, Real Science: Dr. Fauci Spins His Handy Wheel Of Science!

Image: A Cheap, New COVID Cure Just Did Away Any Need For A Vaccine!

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Video: Tony Heller

Dr. Fauci’s latest press conference reveals the latest virus safety measures according to the science… WHEEL!



Joe Biden Administration Will Spend $86M to Deliver Free Masks for ‘Racial Equity’

North Dakota House passes bill banning mandatory face masks: ‘Our state is not a prison camp!’

Defense Secretary Austin urges department personnel to consult with physician about taking vaccine

Biden Issues Proclamation About the China Coronavirus – Lies in First Few Sentences – Then Orders All Federal Flags At Half-Staff Based on His Lies

‘Paid To Stay Home’?! COVID Bill Pays Federal Employees With Kids Out Of School Up To $21K

Unmasking the Medical Experts

Masks have become an unwelcome staple of American life with no end in sight. Mask recommendations change faster and more frequently than the weather. How did we get here?

Yeah, and finally, Beijing Joe didn’t win the election, President Trump did!



President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??