Former Senior Trump Advisor Says Pandemic ‘Task Force’ Deliberately Lied

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By via Principia Scientific International

Former senior Trump administration Health and Human Services COVID-19 advisor Dr. Paul E. Alexander said on The Stew Peters Show that the Coronavirus Task Force had deliberately deceived the American people, detailing the infighting that occurred between the Task Force and President Donald Trump while he was still in office.

Dr. Alexander said the COVID-19 Task Force under the Trump administration had the data “very early on” that showed that COVID-19 was generally non-lethal to almost all healthy people.

If you were young, if healthy, do well, middle aged, but healthy, and you had no underlying major medical conditions, you would’ve bumped up against COVID and laughed at it. You would’ve had no symptoms, mild,” said Dr. Alexander. “Remember, by the CDC’s own data, if you were 0-19 years old – and this was very early on, we had this data – your risk of survival was 99.98 percent. If you were 20-49, the data showed us your risk of survival – had you been infected – was 99.97 percent. If you were 50-70, your risk of survival was 99.5 percent. You were almost at 100 percent guaranteed risk of survival if you were infected.

Going further into detail, Dr. Alexander compared the COVID-19 pandemic to a bad flu season:

I do not believe this was a pandemic,” Dr. Alexander continued. “This was a difficult flu season. I would say a bad cold season, and we would have looked back at this and realized we got through it, and that society survived.

During the interview, Dr. Alexander claimed that the current COVID-19 vaccines are not what they are currently being advertised as:

This is an mRNA delivery platform. This is not even a vaccine,” said Dr. Alexander. “This is a genetic set of material that’s being introduced to you.

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