Former Swedish Minister of Finance: Sweden will become like Africa

Former Swedish Minister of Finance, Anders Borg, said in 2013 that he hoped that Sweden will look like Africa in about ten years. He said that he sees benefits in Sweden becoming more multicultural and takes after the Africans.

It was during a visit in Lagos, Nigeria, he told how beautiful he thinks African women are dressed, he praised their beautiful colors and criticized how reserved and dull the Swedes dress. Furthermore, he explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, that in ten years’ time it will look like Africa throughout Europe, and that Europe will be better than it is now, and more multicultural.

– You start to see it in pop music and other things that Africa is beginning to be heard in a completely different way. But I think when we really will see the development is when we have African fast food chains in Stockholm, he told the newspaper.

Hostile statements towards Sweden, and that Sweden should and must become multicultural, and that this is better than the old European and Swedish way, we have heard many times before. Anders Borg’s boss, Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, said among other things that “Swedish is only barbarism. The rest of the development has to come from the outside.” Like Anders Borg, he declared that multiculturalism makes Sweden a more exciting and interesting community, and he recently stated that “Sweden belongs to the immigrants, not the Swedes“.



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