Fossil Fuels Ended Slavery

Classic view of famous Death Valley National Park entrance sign on a sunny day with blue sky in summer, California, USA
Image: Media hypes 130°F Death Valley Temperature – but it’s still short of the 134°F record

Media Try To Discredit Inconvenient Record Temperature In 1913

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Video: Tony Heller

Fossil fuels eliminated the need for agricultural slavery, and also saved the whales.


The Telegraph: Airships to Provide Climate Friendly Air Transport

Stop Blaming Climate Change For California’s Fires–Michael Schellenberger

They mean (Man Made) Global Warming when they write “Climate Change” – There’s no Natural Global Warming and even less (Man Made) Global Warming (in the real world ..)

How can something that doesn’t exist cause – anything??

Majority of groundwater stores resilient to climate change


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