France’s election has ended in a hung parliament. What happens next?

French President Emmanuel Macron leaves a voting booth during the second round of the legislative elections in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, northern France, on Jul 7 2024. (Photo: AP/Mohammed Badra)
Published July 8, 2023
How was the far-right surprisingly thwarted, and what does it say about the wider picture in Europe?
A shock result at France’s legislative election on Sunday (Jul 7) has put the nation on course for a hung parliament.

The left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) alliance won the most seats in the National Assembly, following tactical voting that thwarted an expected victory by the far-right National Rally (RN) party and its allies.

However, its 182 seats fell short of the 289 needed to secure an outright majority in the lower house.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Ensemble alliance meanwhile secured 168 seats.

Marine Le Pen’s nationalist RN – widely projected to win – managed 143 seats.

As none of the blocs won enough seats to form a majority, they will need support from others to pass legislation in a fragmented parliament.



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The French president asks Gabriel Attal to remain in office temporarily “in order to ensure the country’s stability”.

Published July 8, 2024

Emmanuel Macron has refused the resignation of France’s prime minister after the country’s parliamentary election results left the government in limbo.

The French president has asked Gabriel Attal to remain in office temporarily “in order to ensure the country’s stability,” Mr Macron’s office said.

Mr Attal – a member of Mr Macron’s Renaissance party – had offered his resignation following the election results.

“Even though we had three times better results than being envisaged, it doesn’t mean that it’s a majority,” he said on Sunday.

“So, faithful to the Republican tradition, I will actually withdraw tomorrow morning.”

National Rally came third in the second round of voting in France’s parliamentary election, French media outlet BFM reports.

Marine Le Pen’s far-right party was being tipped to emerge as the dominant force in French politics following Mr Macron’s decision to hold a snap poll.

But the left-wing New Popular Front coalition (NPF) won the most seats (182) in the second voting round of parliamentary elections.



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A French national tricolour waves during an election night rally following the second round of France's legislative elections at Place de la République on July 7, 2024.A French national tricolour waves during an election night rally following the second round of France’s legislative elections at Place de la République on July 7, 2024. © Emmanuel Dunand, AFP
Published July 8, 2024

France’s New Popular Front has won the largest number of seats in the final round of snap parliamentary elections, leaving behind the remnants of President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist camp and the far-right National Rally trailing in third place. It’s a staggering result for a closely fought election that has left the country without a clear candidate for prime minister – and the hastily assembled broad leftist coalition without an absolute majority that would allow it to push through its ambitious programme.

It’s a shocking result for a party that seemed poised to take power after President Emmanuel Macron stunned the nation – and his own Ensemble coalition – by dissolving the National Assembly last month in the face of a crushing far-right victory over his centrist coalition in the European elections.

In the first round of France’s legislative elections, Macron’s camp found itself flattened between a hastily assembled left-wing alliance and a far right flush with victory, receiving less than 21 percent of the vote – far behind the RN, which won almost a third of the votes cast. His ruling coalition also trailed behind the New Popular Front (NFP), a broad alliance of the left-wing France Unbowed, Socialists, Greens and Communists that won 28 percent of the vote.




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