French Family Gets Out Of Their Car During Safari, Chaos Ensues

A French family taking a safari vacation somewhere in the depths of the Netherlands learned a very hard lesson about wildlife this week.

It’s not always predictable.

Fox News recounts the story.

At first, the three cheetahs appear calm, lounging on a patch of grass at Safari Park Beekse Bergen, in the Netherlands, as the family parks their car a few feet away. A man exits the car and begins to take pictures of the cats. Moments later, a woman also gets out of the vehicle to put some items in the trunk, with a small child getting out behind her.

This is a truly incredible feat for human stupidity. Don’t get me wrong, I live for idiots. Their antics keep me busy and help to pay my salary.

And luckily for me, everything was caught on camera. And since everybody ended up being OK in the end, we can all have a hearty chuckle about this incident.

Here’s the unbelievable footage.

“These people have been incredibly lucky,” park manager Niels de Wildt told Dutch radio station NOS Radio 1 News.

Uhhh, you think? De Wildt explained how the cheetahs are on a feeding schedule so they’re not very hungry and that’s likely why the family was spared. But you know what that means. If they hadn’t been fed recently, it probably would’ve been curtains for these people. And honestly, I wouldn’t blame those cheetahs. They’re thousands of miles from their native territory and pent up in some Dutch safari tour. Humans ogle them nonstop. Cars drive through the middle of their home all day. And now these humans have the audacity to leave their car and take a stroll through their habitat? That would be my last straw.


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