From science fiction to reality, ‘no kill’ meat may be coming soon

???Cultivated Meat,??? is a traditional meat alternative which is cell-derived meat that???s grown in a lab. The meats are on the verge of being approved by the FDA for consumption in the United States and it is the hope of those involved in the space that it can replace factory farming and help offset climate change in the future by reducing greenhouse gases. A chicken breast is prepared at Upside Foods. Upside Meats is one of the biggest companies in the cultivated meats space, having raised upwards of a $ billion to continue research and development.

Consider a method for producing meat without killing animals. Uma Valeti, a cardiologist and co-founder of Upside Foods, had the idea to “grow” meat in a production facility by cultivating animal cells, as opposed to breeding animals on farms.
When Valeti was working with heart attack patients at the Mayo Clinic more than 15 years ago, growing human heart cells in a lab, the idea for what is now known as “cultivated” flesh occurred to him. With identical science, he reasoned, it should be possible to create meat.
An animal’s cells might be removed through needle biopsy, put in tanks, fed the resources they require to multiply, such as lipids, sugar, amino acids, and vitamins, and eventually turned into meat.

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To transform that idea into a ready-to-eat food, a team of biologists, biochemists, and engineers had to conduct years of testing. The business is currently awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration to start marketing its first meat products that were grown, including a chicken fillet.
Valeti believes this could occur “in the very near future” and that Upside’s production facility in Emeryville, California, will be able to produce more than 50,000 pounds of cultivated meat products annually once it does.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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