Gaining Immunity From Propaganda

Image: Belgians File Law Suit Against Bill Gates & ‘Professor Lockdown’

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It is now safe to say, – the lock-down was unnecessary, and It appears as big pharma (corrupt special interests) has perpetrated a worldwide scam on us all ..!

Video: Tony Heller

In this video, I examine CDC claims that immunity wears off after three months.


Why Medical Journals Won’t Tell You A COVID Vaccine Isn’t Needed

CSIRO: An Entire Covid-19 Lockdown Worth Of Cumulative CO2 Emission Cuts Required Each Year

COVID-19: Lock-Downs, or Cock-Ups?

COVID-19 Vaccine Objectors May Lose Jobs, Face Jail Time, Says ‘Expert’

Our Pharmaceutical Emperors Have No Clothes

President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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