+ German Doctor Arrested In London For Telling The Truth

Image: CDC Posts Unproven Guidance That COVID-19 Remains Suspended In Air

Related: Harvard Epidemiologist: Lockdowns A Disaster

COVID Fraud:The UK Government’s Outright Lies To The People

Video: @BreesAnna via Tony Heller
Telling the truth about COVID-19 is a crime under the fascist regime of Boris Johnson.


London Police Attack Lockdown Protesters

Video: Tony Heller
Boris Johnson sends his violent thugs in again to attack peaceful protesters who reject UK tyranny.


Crony Capitalists Make A Killing On UK Govt COVID Contracts

Israel’s ‘Before & After’ Proves HCQ Beats COVID19

COVID19: ‘Test, Test, Test’ Is ‘Wrong, Wrong Wrong’

Top UK Industry Scientist Slams Government’s COVID19 Test Scam



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