Germany concerned over planned Swiss nuclear waste repository near border

– Bern defends plans, stating that the decision was made exclusively for geological grounds, in response to criticism of the decision to establish a nuclear waste storage site near the border.

Germany has voiced opposition to and concerns over Switzerland’s intentions to build a nuclear waste disposal site close to the border.
Approximately 15 kilometers south of the German city of Waldshut-Tiengen, in the Swiss municipality of Wurenlingen, building is planned that has drawn criticism from German cities and municipalities.
Martin Benz, the mayor of Hohentengen, told the German news agency DPA, “(The Swiss) have to very carefully demonstrate why a deferred site suddenly becomes the preferred option.
The radioactive material is present and needs to be disposed of, he continued, and this is obvious to the locals.
However, the following queries must be addressed: What accident scenarios exist, and how prepared are they?
The radioactive waste will be buried hundreds of meters deep in the opalinus clay. The location was the backup option a few years ago.


Baden-Wurttemberg, a state in southern Germany, also expressed displeasure with Switzerland’s contentious plan.
Speaking on behalf of the State Ministry in Stuttgart, a spokeswoman stated, “We take notice of the site options and will analyze them in exchange with our Swiss neighbors.”
It is currently simply a step in a process that has not yet been fully completed, she said.
For instance, she continued, “the measures still need to be approved by the Federal Council and the Federal Assembly.”
The Federal Government of Germany intervened as well and expressed disapproval of the scheme.
A member of the Bundestag from Baden-Wurttemberg named Christian Kuhn stated that the site’s proximity to the border “represents a considerable burden for these and nearby areas, both during the construction phase and during the operation of the repository.”


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However, after specialists claimed that the proposed location for the Swiss nuclear waste dump offers the best geological characteristics, the Swiss side defended its choice on Monday.
According to Matthias Braun, director of the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste, the area is unquestionably the safest option among the last three potential locations analyzed (Nagra).
There, Braun continued, is where the requisite rock layer of opalinus clay is located, where it is also the thickest and where the potential area for the intended repository is the largest.


By: Miss Cherry May Timbol – Independent Reporter

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