“Global Warming Has Begun”

Image: If the phony climate warriors were serious about “climate change”

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Video: Tony Heller
NASA’s James Hansen started the world down a path of madness and junk science on June 23, 1988


“..  Is global warming contributing to this heatwave?  The answer is certainly yes ..” First of, the question should be; “Is Man Made Global Warming contributing to this heatwave?” The answer, of course is: No! Something that doesn’t exist can’t cause – anything:

Update on Northwest US Heat Wave Predictions

Apocalyptic heatwave is coming to torch the Pacific Northwest again – It will get so hot even roads could melt!

Here’s the problem, “global warming” – no matter the cause, should probably mean “global”?:

Freezing Summer Lows Invade West Virginia, as “Dramatic” Cool-Down and “Polar Change” looms for New Zealand

Yesterday, Greenland GAINED a Record-Breaking Amount of Snow and Ice

Global warming caused by CO2 from humans should probably also be persistent, gradually more prevailed in the data sets and consistent with the constantly increase of CO2, but that is not what empirical, unadjusted real world data is showing. There’s been no global warming for 85 years (satellite data now shows 23 years, the famous “hiatus“)

Watch Morano’s full 13-minute oral testimony at Pennsylvania climate hearing – Call for revoking Gore & IPCC Nobel Prize & Instead Giving it to PA fracking

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