Goodbye, my darling daughter: Heartbroken Slovenian father gives his girl one last kiss shortly before she passes away – and his ex-wife and her new lover is arrested for the child’s murder

Article from 2016

#1 Daddy + Daughter

Ex-lovers can be a pain in the you know what, but ideally, some exes can be compassionate and accepting of you moving on. For some people, however, exes can be the WORST nightmare. That was the case with this story out of Slovenia.

#2 Meet Senad & Arina

This is Senad Kardasevic and his daughter Arina. This father had to do the unthinkable when he kissed his baby daughter one last time. Just 48 hours earlier, he was enjoying his daughter’s company when both of their lives took a turn for the worst.

#3 Ice Cold Killers

His daughter was suffering SEVERE injuries at the hands of Senad’s ex-wife and her current partner. Authorities are saying that her mom BEAT her daughter in her own home with the help of her lover, Mirzan Jakupi.

#4 What Happened

This happened in a small Slovenian city called Jessenice. The little girl actually lived with her mom and boyfriend. While he was on his way to pick up his daughter, he received a phone call from the doctor explaining that his daughter was in the ICU.

#5 RIP Arina

The mother and boyfriend said that the little girl ran into a radiator, which was clearly not the case. Her broken bones and bruised flesh told a different story. The medical staff then called the police where they investigated and found out exactly what happened. After two days, Arina passed away after being attached to a breathing machine for her health. The mother and boyfriend will be charged with murder in the first degree.




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