Gowdy Calls Reid’s Letter to FBI “Laughable”

Speaking Sunday on Fox News, Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy destroyed “political hack” Senate Minority Harry Reid for having sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey accusing him of having violated the Hatch Act.

“I can’t really use the word I want to use because it would get us in trouble with the FCC, yeah, so we’ll just go with political hack,” Gowdy said of Reid, before going into detail about how the senator’s assertion was just plain ludicrous.

It is laughable that Jim Comey committed a violation of the Hatch Act,” he said. “I actually know what the Hatch Act is.”

“If the president … (is) actively campaigning on company time for another candidate to be president … is not a violation of the Hatch Act, then how is Jim Comey supplementing the record and telling the truth to Congress a violation of the Hatch Act?” Gowdy asked.

He added that Reid knew full well that this accusation was bogus — just like the accusation he made in 2012 when the then-Senate Majority leader claimed that presidential candidate Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for 10 years.

Technically, the Hatch Act does not apply to either the president or vice president, but Gowdy still had a point: If Reid genuinely cared about the election being swayed by federal employees, he would also have a problem with President Obama campaigning on behalf of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Listen to the relevant portion of the interview below:

During an appearance the following morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Gowdy doubled down, adding that FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email address as secretary of state had nothing to do with politics.

“The timing is a direct and natural consequence — and probable consequence — of decisions Secretary Clinton made years ago,” he maintained, noting that it was not Comey who told “her to set up her own private email server” or “to mislead the public.”

Clinton made her own bed years ago, and it was certainly not Comey’s fault that it happened to be overrun with bed bugs of corruption.

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Source: http://conservativetribune.com/gowdy-goes-off-on-harry-reid/



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