‘Green’ Energy Myth Exposed: Subsidised Wind & Solar Scam Built On Perpetual Lies

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By Stop These Things

The wind and solar industries were founded on myth, built on lies and run on subsidies. The only thing they are capable of producing on a consistent basis are Pinocchio-style whoppers, starting with the notion that wind and solar power are actually good for the environment.

Breached promises about delivering power on demand are met with efforts to shift the blame and more lies about how their failure to do so was caused by a lack of investment in mythical renewable energy storage.

Any challenge about the millions of tonnes of toxic wind turbine blades being dumped in landfills is met with a couldn’t care less shrug, and you’ll get much the same response when it comes to the destruction of forests and wilderness to make way for more solar panels and wind turbines, and the wind industry’s wholesale slaughter of birds and bats.

A cynical form of hypocrisy abounds, as H. Sterling Burnett details below.

When drug companies try to sell you a particular cure for what ails you, the television ads typically consist of 10 seconds of saying how good the drug is and 20 seconds of disclaimers and warnings about possible negative side effects. If only renewable energy companies were that honest!

To my great annoyance and disgust, a power company in Texas promises the state’s electricity users can choose a plan that delivers electricity 24 hours a day powered by the sun. Solar power.

As anyone exercising an ounce of common sense must realize, that is a lie. As sunny as Texas and much of the southwestern United States are, the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day anywhere on Earth. That means the electric power you use at night or during cloudy or rainy days is coming from other sources.

It is not until you go to the company’s website or call them that you get to see the disclaimers in the fine print. What they are really selling you is a plan that purchases renewable energy credits equivalent to 24 hour a day of solar. That’s not at all the same as purchasing solar power.

In fact, the credits may be awarded for generation by wind turbines, biofuel production, biomass burning, or even sales of electric vehicles. Or it could be a combination of these. It could even be fraudulent, as past carbon offset credit schemes have so often proven to be.

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