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Video: Sky News Australia

Self-proclaimed climate realist and the “anti-Greta (Thunberg) sensation” Naomi Seibt says while she doesn’t “deny” that the climate is warming, she does “believe the effect is absolutely insignificant”.

Ms Seibt said “we do benefit from some amount of warming” because it encourages “better crop yields” which has allowed the earth to sustain a growing population.

According to Ms Seibt, Greta Thunberg’s rejection of the European Union’s parliament climate proposal of zero net emissions by 2050 was “just another way to spread panic”.

“I have never heard her talk about the science so how is she supposed to know anything about the perfect political measures to take when it comes to climate change,” Ms Seibt told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“We need cheap and reliable energy” and “we cannot drive people into eco-depression, eco-anxiety and energy-poverty .

“It’s fantastic if we invest in research on alternative energy sources” but we must be careful not to “demonize alternative sources like nuclear energy,” she said.


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