Handwritten Notes Seized From Biden’s Rehoboth Beach House Now Part of Special Counsel’s Investigation into Classified Documents Scandal

Handwritten notes seized from Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach house are now part of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into Biden’s classified documents scandal.

The FBI searched Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home Wednesday morning for more classified documents.

BREAKING: FBI Is Searching Biden’s Rehoboth Beach Home Three Months After Initial Raid on Penn Biden Center

The FBI conducted a search on Wednesday from 8:30 am to noon and found no documents with classified markings.

The agents took handwritten notes that appear to be from Biden’s time as Vice President.

FBI Seizes Handwritten Notes From Biden’s Time as VP From Rehoboth Beach House; Biden Spox Refuses to Answer Questions on Search (VIDEO)

Biden’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer on Wednesday was careful how he worded his statement regarding the handwritten notes seized by federal agents.

Bob Bauer said: “The DOJ’s planned search of the President’s Rehoboth residences, conducted in coordination and cooperation with the President’s attorneys, has concluded. The search was conducted from 8:30 AM to noon. No documents with classified markings were found. Consistent with the process in Wilmington, the DOJ took for further review some materials and handwritten notes that appear to relate to his time as Vice President.”

Handwritten notes can still be considered classified even if they aren’t marked ‘classified.’

Special Counsel Robert Hur is now in possession of Biden’s handwritten notes which may contain classified information.



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