Heatwave Of 1895-1896

Image: UK Suffers Freezing Lows and Rare September Snows, Severe Early-Season Snowstorm Strikes Iceland, + “Unseasonal Snow” Kills two Trekkers in Northern India

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The left’s totalitarianism has always been based on lies, hidden agendas and deception, that is why facts, truths and honesty has to be hidden, cancelled, and, speak truth in communist China and you risk dissapearing (except from your organs, of course that are being sold), we are on that track in the West also, because the dishonest, corrupt and the criminal part of the left has gotten too much power.

And again .. when it comes to the low IQ “green” agenda, when was the people asked? Who gave these criminals the mandate to steal billions at the gas pump and via the utility bill?

I clearly missed that referendum ..

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
There was a year long global heatwave which began during September 1895. Rather than trying to understand it, government agencies have attempted to erase it

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